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EIF Eligibility Requirements

Who is eligible to participate?

Am I eligible to participate? Open enrollment is the hallmark of the Education is Freedom program. If you are in middle school or a freshmen or sophomore in high school at one of our participating schools in the Dallas Independent School District, you are eligible to enroll.

What are the participation requirements?

To participate in Education is Freedom, students are required to:

  • Complete the recommended state high school curriculum as outlined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board;
  • Enroll in pre-AP and AP courses;
  • Attend life skills classes;
  • Work one-on-one with their Higher Education Advisor to craft a college plan;
  • During their junior and senior years, participating students are required to maintain an 80 cumulative GPA and take the SAT/ACT;
  • Parents are also required to attend a minimum of two EIF workshops per year. 

In their senior year, EIF students are required to:

  • Apply to a minimum of three colleges;
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Texas Application for State FInancial Aid (TASFA);
  • Submit a minimum of six scholarship applications

EIF and Academic Forms

Sometimes it seems like you've got to fill out a form to do anything! We sympathize. While we can't make them go away, at least we can make them easy to find.

Printable Forms (downloads)

EIF FERPA Waiver:  English(PDF) | Español(PDF)
EIF Field Trip Form:  English(PDF) | Español(PDF)
EIF Out of State Field Trip Form:  English(PDF) | Español(PDF)
EIF Publicity Consent Release - Minors:  English(PDF) | Español(PDF)
EIF Publicity Consent Release - Adult:  English(PDF) | Español(PDF)
Dallas ISD field trip permission slip: English/Español(PDF)

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